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kristin Hanson


Kristin's previous website was designed a couple of years ago during the early stages of her business. Since then she has gained clarity on her audience, and refined her services to better serve them. She felt that her website no longer represented her business, or the direction it had taken, so got in touch for a full redesign.

Kristin had a clear design style in mind, and wanted to keep her existing colour palette. The main task was to redesign the page layouts so they were easier to read and navigate.


These were jam packed days, but with communication channels open, and prep work done in advance, Kristin got the results she desired! Within few days:

>Fully redesigned the home page, and used this page as the foundation for all other pages
>Added three new Element pages, so each Elements describes different collections.
>Stylised the Home Page
>Customised the contact form
>Added Pro Images for all categories
>Redesigned the header and footer sections site wide
>Updated all font styles
>To round the day off I recorded video tutorials for Kristin so she can now manage additional updates herself, including duplicating pages and design styles.

For nearly two decades Kristin has worked to refine her craft of preserving classical European goldsmith techniques. Her creative philosophy embodies contemporary signature forms carefully designed to accentuate the innate beauty of rare natural color diamonds. The Elements are a thriving inspiration for her collections, finding magestic details in the beauty.

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