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Anna Weihrauch


Anna had grown tired of Googling ‘how to’ whilst building her website so got in touch for some support finessing and launching. The goal was to have a clean, contemporary website design. In addition to showcasing services, she wanted a solution to get bookings for her sessions.


Through regular check-in calls, Anna and I worked together to create a website that not only looks great but is easy to update and maintain independently . Apart from this we implemented a Decent booking system Anna is now able to take bookings and promote her workshops. In addition, using video tutorials provided at the end of our project, Anna has been able to update the contents on her website and launch a blog page.

Anna provide online classes, private sessions outdoor training in Munich or Augsburg. Her focus is on strengthening your core, straightening your spine, promoting your mobility and strengthening your muscles. She helps to get know your body and do something good for your health.

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